Volunteers from our community work hard to bring you our Hayfield News Newsletter each month from September through June. The newsletter is hand delivered to your home at no cost to you!  Additionally, if you join the Hayfield listserve, you will receive an electronic version in email. To be added to our listserve, contact *********************

The newsletter includes: minutes from HCA meetings, articles on local activities, letters of opinion, classified ads (Free! for HCA members; 10 cents a word for non-members), ads from local businesses, a babysitter list, and more!

The deadline for the newsletter is always the Friday after the HCA Board Meeting. The HCA Board meeting is on the first Wednesday of each month. The newsletter is distributed the weekend before the HCA General Membership Meeting (the third Wednesday of the month.)

We have many years of newsletters saved, all the way back to 2019!  Click on the Archive Folder to open.