Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to some of the more common questions about the community and your Association:

Q: Who provides waste management and contact information?

The City of North Port provides trash pick-up services. North Port Solid Waste can be reached at 941-240-8050.

Q: What day is (trash/waste/garbage) picked up?

Trash receptacles are picked up on Monday (subject to change on weeks with a Monday holiday). The schedule can be found at the HOA office or online at the City of North Port Solid Waste.

Q: Is there a limit on the number of pets?


Q: Is there a restriction on a breed of pet?


Q: What is the timeframe for an ACC approval process?

Architectural Control Committee request approval time is 45 business days.

Q: Who makes up the Architectural Control Committee meet and when do they meet?

Made up of resident volunteers. They set their own meeting dates. 

Q: Is there a paint Color chart available for the Community?

The paint chart is available on our HOA website, and at the HOA office.

Q: Where can paint be purchased to paint the exterior of the home?

Sherwin Williams

 Q: Are hurricane shutters permitted in the Community?

Per our documents, 10 days prior to and 10 days after a storm event. With the exception of enclosures that are not made of completely opaque material, and that are designed to screen for privacy, rain, wind and/or shade, such as, for example, “storm smart” shutters.

Q: What type of hurricane shutters can be used?

Aluminum is provided with the home. Other options can be approved as presented. None can be left up and closed beyond the 10 days (prior/after) of a storm event.

Q: What are the specific guidelines for ACC requirements?

ACC guidelines are available on this website and in the HOA office. 

Q: Are there any fees associated with ACC’s? What is the cost?

Any ACC request that involves the installation of major landscape or concrete (pool, lanai, sidewalks, etc.) requires a $1000 deposit

Q: Is there a sales & leasing application requirement?


Q: If yes, is there a fee, and what is the fee (sales & leasing)?

Yes, $50

Q: If yes, what does the fee cover (sales & leasing)?

$50 Admin Fee for all Sales & Leasing Application

Q: Does the application require Board approval (sales & leasing)?


Q: What are the lease restrictions (sales & leasing)?

6-month minimum and only 2 leases are approved per year and must be 6 months for approval.

Q: Is there a down payment (or capital contribution) required for the purchase application? If yes, how much? (sales & leasing)

Per our documents, there is a one-time working fund contribution required at closing by all homeowners. This is equal to 2/3 of the quarterly HOA fees. As of September 19, 2019, there is a New Amenity Fee of $1,500 payable to Pulte Homes.

Q; Who is responsible for pest control inside my unit?


Q: Who is responsible for exterior pest control?

Homeowner, landscape company will address ants on the property and bees if in a common area. Termite protection for Quads only. 

Q: Who is responsible for the street lighting in the Community?


Q: Who is responsible for the utilities?

The homeowner is responsible for water, electricity, and trash – The HOA provides cable and internet services to all residents.

Q: When is the Community scheduled for tree trimming?

Once per year for palms and flowering trees – common area oak trees are trimmed on a schedule based on the Board’s approval

Q; What is the lawn service schedule?

April through October – turf is mowed once per week. November through March – turf is mowed every other week. Edging is done weekly on hard surfaces, and bi-weekly on the soft (gardens) surfaces

Q: What lawn services are provided to the Community?

Juniper contracts state they maintain the commons and the homeowners’ property. Turf mowing, fertilizing, pesticides. Plant trimming, fertilizing, and pesticides. Tree trimming, fertilizers, and pesticides. Palm trimming (under 15 feet)

Q; What is the sprinkler system schedule?

2 days per week, by city ordinance. Each street is at different times.  With construction ongoing in the community, schedules are subject to change.

Q; Who handles onsite maintenance?

The HOA Maintenance team handles on-site maintenance for the amenities and common area cleanliness. 

Q: What are the amenities offered?

8 clay top tennis courts, 12 pickleball courts, lap pool, resort pool, spa, 6 bocce courts, resort center. The resort center includes a complete fitness center, movement room, library, community room, arts and crafts room, catering kitchen, and BBQ grills. There is an Event Center building too. New Clubhouse campus features resort pool and lap pool, spa, card rooms, fitness center and movement room, fire pit, community garden, tot lot, dog park, and half-court basketball.

Q: Is there a gate to enter the community?


Q: Are there guards or is the gate unmanned?

The guardhouse is manned 24 hours a day. There is no guard at the back gate.

Q: If there is a guard, what is the gate phone number?

Guardhouse contact is limited to online or the message line of 941-270-3550. The homeowner must enter the access pin that is assigned to them when they bring their warranty deed to the HOA office.

Q: How do I register guests at the gate?

Homeowners may register guests online through the CapSure System.

Q: How do I obtain a gate access device/clicker/remote?

One transponder is given to a new homeowner upon the closing of their home, free of charge. A second, third, etc. may be purchased for $25 or $50 per transponder, depending on the type. Gate passes can also be issued, however, they are only good for a two-week period.

Q: What are the hours of the Clubhouse, pool, tennis courts, etc…?

Fitness 5 a.m. to 10 p.m., community rooms (library, catering kitchen, arts/crafts room) 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. HOA office 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. M-F, Saturday 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Sunday 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., pool (lap, resort, and spa) hours change seasonally (Dawn to Dusk), Bocce courts, Pickleball and Tennis courts daylight to 10 p.m.

Q; How do I obtain mailbox keys?

Mailbox keys are given to New Homeowners when they come to the HOA Office. On a resale mailbox, keys are given to the homeowner at closing or they are left in the home.

Q: Who are the Board Members?         

President – Mike Wasylik –

Vice President – John Titler –

Treasurer – Steve Freeman –

Secretary – Russell Gerry

Director – Audrey Sansotta – Weiss

Director – Steven Schmitz –

Director – Tom Shrilla –

Q: When are Board Meetings held?     

Board meetings are generally held monthly. 

Q: What is the address to send the maintenance payments/fees?  

c/o Alliance Association Bank PO Box 621073 Orlando, FL 32862-1073

Q: What is considered Common Area?

All roads/roadside turf, cul-de-sac gardens, sidewalk beyond driveways, entry monuments, and entry roads, all amenities and amenities grounds.

Q: What are the Clubhouse hours?

Community Rooms (library, community room, card rooms arts-crafts room, catering kitchen, lobby) 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Q: What rights do renters/occupants/representatives have within the Association?

Per our documents, homeowners turn over their privileges once the lease is signed. Renters have the same rights and usage as homeowners. Occupants – families are treated as residents. Occupants – visitors are treated as guests.

Q: When can Hurricane Shutters be put up and when should they be taken down?

5 days prior to a wind event – and 5 days after a wind event when all is clear.

Q: Who is responsible for Tree and Grass replacement?        


Q: Who is responsible for landscaping issues?

HOA – this does not include anything approved on an Architectural Change request at the owner’s specification and cost.

Q: Who is the Backflow Certification Vendor?

Most use the City of North Port, but residents may use any plumber of their choice who is certified to work on Backflows.

Q: What documents are required when submitting an ACC Application?     

Complete and accurate description of the project requested, a plot plan, type of home, vendor’s name and number, and in some cases a deposit.

Q: Is this Association part of a Community Development District (CDD)?     

We are part of a special district. West Villages Improvement District. Managed by Special District Services, Inc.

Q: What is the taxing district responsible for the collection of the CDD fees?          

West Villages Special District

Q: How long is the CDD obligation       

30-year bond

Q: What is the name and contact information for the Water Department that services my property?      

City of North Port Utilities  941-426-9500.

Q: Does the Association have a website? If yes what is the website address?

Q: Are there any truck or commercial vehicle restrictions (parking)? If yes, what are they?

Vehicle size is identified in our documents, Section IX (81 “ high, 17 ft. long – F150 largest). Commercial vehicles are not permitted to be in homeowners’ driveways at night. They must be inside a closed garage.

Q: Who do I contact for a developer warranty request?        

Pulte Customer Service at 1-888-898-9712

Q: Who do I contact for after-hours emergencies?     

Castle Management: 800-337-5850

Q: Is there a specific type of fence that can be installed in this community?

No fences allowed