• A Little History of Wellen Park

    Wellen Park (formerly known as the West Villages[1]) is a planned community located in Sarasota County, Florida, United States. The majority of Wellen Park is located along US 41 and River Road within the city limits of North Port, with some portions of the community extending into unincorporated Sarasota County.[2]The land was part of unincorporated Sarasota County and used for ranching and agriculture in the 1930s, becoming known as Taylor Ranch.[3][4] The property was sold in 2002 and became Thomas Ranch.[5] In 2002, approximately 8,000 acres (3,200 ha) of Thomas Ranch was annexed by the city of North Port, as per a request from the landowners at the time.[6][7] Following this annexation, the land…

  • Seasonal Decorative Lighting

    Seasonal Decorative Lighting is not to be displayed beyond January 10th. Several homes still havetheir lights displayed and lit. These must be taken down immediately

  • Flags

    No sign, banner, display poster or advertising device of any kind or nature whatsoever,specifically including, but not limited to political signs or materials, regardless whether temporaryor permanent in nature many be displayed in public view on or about any portion of any buildingor improvement, residential or otherwise, or in any yard or other grounds, or in, on, or about anyvehicle, including but not limited to golf cart, and LSV style vehicles.