Golf cart operators must be at least 16 years of age.

All golf carts leased, owned, or otherwise used by Owners must be electric powered (except for any non-electric powered golf carts as of the date that this amendment is recorded, which are grandfathered), maybe parked, placed, or stored only in the garages of each Home.

No golf cart shall be placed, parked, or stored on the lawn of any Home or on any portion of the Association Property, unless such area is specifically designated as a golf cart parking area by the Board.

Owners of golf carts, by operating same within IslandWalk at the West Villages shall be presumed to have released Declarant and the Association of all liability arising from an Owner’s use of their golf cart.

Each year, the owners of golf carts shall upon request provide the Association with proof of liability insurance in connection with the operation of their golf carts, and such insurance shall have such limits as shall be approved by the Association in its sole discretion. Each such insurance policy shall name the Association as an additional insured, and shall provide the Association with thirty (30) days notice prior to its cancellation.

An Owner who uses a golf cart shall be held fully responsible for any and all damages resulting from the misuse of a golf cart caused by the Owner, their family members, guests, licensees, invitees, employees, or agents, and the Owner shall reimburse the Association for any and all damages the Association may sustain by reason of such misuse. Such damages shall be collectible as a Special Assessment pursuant to the procedures for such assessments set forth herein.

No sign, banner, display poster or advertising device of any kind or nature whatsoever, specifically including, but not limited to political signs or materials, regardless whether temporary or permanent in nature many be displayed in public view on or about any portion of any building or improvement, residential or otherwise, or in any yard or other grounds, or in, on, or about any vehicle, including but not limited to golf cart, and LSV style vehicles, without prior written consent from the ACC