I am writing to ask for your support of my candidacy for the new, post-turnover, IslandWalk HOA Board of Directors. If elected, I look forward to continuing my service to the IslandWalk community for which I care so deeply.

I believe that my background and my experience as an active member of the IslandWalk Buildings and Grounds Committee since 2018 will prepare me to make valuable contributions as an HOA Director. As a member of the IslandWalk Buildings and Grounds Committee, I have been given the opportunity to participate in many activities designed to improve the IslandWalk quality of life and, just as importantly, lead to a more successful transition from developer to homeowner control.

IslandWalk Buildings and Grounds Committee (Member 2018 – Present)

Served as primary liaison with the Southwest Florida Water Management District and Sarasota County re: all aspects of the IslandWalk lakes and stormwater management system in preparation for transition to homeowner control; Author of the IslandWalk Stormwater Management Plan with recommendations to the new HOA board (posted on the IslandWalk website – “IW Stormwater Management System and Appendices”);

Participant in the ongoing crucial selection process for the IslandWalk Turnover-Inspection Engineering Company; Member of the resident IslandWalk Transition Tree Study Group in 2019 and in 2021 producing recommendations to the new HOA Board for the management of the thousands of trees on the IslandWalk property;

Member of the 2018 IslandWalk Resident Lake Bank Assessment Group which resulted in initial efforts to repair our lake banks; Participated in the IslandWalk Bridge assessments which have resulted in ongoing bridge repairs; Member of the 2021 IslandWalk Transition Lake Bank Inspections Group;

Author of the 2021 Transition Advisory memo to the post-transition HOA Board regarding the status of lake bank erosion in IslandWalk;

Co-developer of the IslandWalk Landscaping Satisfaction Survey; Participant in weekly meetings with BrightView Landscaping in an ongoing effort to improve landscaping services;

Participated in numerous benchmarking activities with other communities to gather information on various aspects of the transition from developer to resident control including; facility maintenance, security, governance and budgeting.

Other Relevant Professional and Community Experience

Chief Compliance Officer: 10/2007-07/2017 (Opengate, Inc. – Armonk, NY (501(c) Not for Profit)

Supervised several departments including: Facilities & Grounds, Information Technology, Corporate Compliance and Clinical Services. Responsible for policy development to meet all federal, state and local regulatory standards.

Trustee Town Planning Board: 04/2006 – 11/2012 – Pawling, NY

Participated in public review and dispensation of all proposed land development, construction and zoning issues. Served as a member of the Pawling Master Plan Development Committee.

Trustee and Board of Education President: 06/1987 – 06/1993

Chaired all public and executive session Board of Education meetings.

Chaired District labor negotiations and District budget meetings.

Worked to plan and implement capital projects including renovations and new school construction. Transition from developer control to resident HOA control is a challenging and sometimes costly process. I am confident that with careful long-range planning we can preserve and enhance the IslandWalk quality of life while maintaining control of our expenses and HOA fees.