The information provided on this page was copied from the original legal covenant document and converted into a “searchable” format. Every effort was taken to ensure the accuracy of the data but no guarantee can be given. Consequently, the information that is found on this page should be verified by reviewing the official covenants document.

Section 1


Every Owner and family member, guest, lessee, agent or invitee of an Owner shall have a permanent and perpetual, nonexclusive easement for ingress and egress over, enjoyment in, and use of Association Property within the Committed Lands, in common with all other Owners, their family members, guests, lessees, agents and invitees, which easement shall be appurtenant to, and shall pass with title to each Owner’s Home. This right shall be subject to the following conditions and limitations:

N. The right of the Association to suspend:

(i) the right of an Owner to use the Recreation Area within the Association Property for any period during which an Assessment or any other charge against such Owner’s Home and Lot remains delinquent; and

(ii) the enjoyment rights of any Owner to use the Recreation Area within the Association Property for a period not to exceed thirty (30) days for a single Violation, or for a longer period in the case of any continuing violation (other than a delinquent Assessment), of Declaration, any applicable Supplemental Declaration or Amendment, the Articles, the Bylaws, or the Rules and Regulations of the Association after Notice and Hearing.

O. The right of the Board to post motor vehicle speed limits throughout the Association Property, to enter into agreements with local government traffic enforcement agencies or jurisdictions to enforce traffic laws and to promulgate traffic regulations for the Roads. The Board may also promulgate procedures for the enforcement of the traffic regulations, including, without limitation, the assessment of fines, against Owners who Violate the traffic regulations and against Owners whose family members, guests, invitees, licensees, employees, or agents Violate the traffic regulations. The fines will be levied as a special charge upon the Owner who violates the traffic regulation or upon the Owners whose family members, guests, invitees, licensees, employees, or agents violate the traffic regulations. Before any fine shall be effective, the Owner shall be entitled to Notice and Hearing as defined hereinbelow. This subparagraph shall not apply to the Tracts dedicated to the County on any Plat for use as public roads.

P. The right of the Association to make and collect Assessments against Members to defray the costs and expenses of the Association Property.

V. The right of the Association to enter any Lot at a reasonable time and upon reasonable notice to make emergency repairs, to avoid waste, or to do such other work as may be reasonably necessary for the proper protection, preservation or maintenance of the Association Property.

Y. In case of any emergency originating in, or threatening the IslandWalk at the West Villages or any Home, regardless of whether the Owner is present at the time of such emergency, the Board, or any other Person authorized by the Board, or the management agent under a management agreement, shall have the right to enter the property or such Home, for the purpose of remedying, or abating, the cause of such emergency, and such right of entry shall be immediate.

Section 2


Any Owner may delegate, in accordance with the Bylaws, such Owner’s right of enjoyment to the Association Property to the members of such Owner’s family, or to the lessees who reside in such Owner’s Horne, subject to all of the Rules and Regulations of the Association presently in effect and any which may become effective in the future, and further subject to reasonable regulation by the Board.