1975 to Present – Certified Public Accountant, currently licensed in Florida and Kentucky

For the past 40 years, I have served as an accountant and auditor to various Homeowners Associations and Condominium Associations performing annual audits and reviews, making board presentations, and serving as a Consultant. Audits performed on developments ranging from 80 units to 1,800 residential units. As a result of this experience, I am familiar with the financial considerations that such developments must deal with, both current and in long-term planning.

2014-2018 Resident Elected member to the Board of Directors

I served on the Norton Commons Residential Village Association Board of Directors for four years. Norton Commons is a large development near Louisville, Kentucky of approximately 1,800 residential units. My experience as a CPA in working with Homeowner Associations and Condominium Associations provided me insight to the unique problems that the community faced as it continued to grow. During my tenure we implemented several changes to our operating and financial structure to ensure the long term viability of the community. We built the Reserve Fund for Future Replacements from scratch to having nearly $1,000,000 in Reserve Funds, which now stands at approximately $1,200,000. We instituted having a Reserve Study performed every five year by an outside consultant. I was heavily involved in developing the annual budget for presentation to the community each year. Working with a community of 1,800 units that will grow to 2,800 units upon full buildout, was both challenging and rewarding.


I have served as the Co-Chair of the Transition Committee’s Finance Committee since July 2020. As a member of the Transition Committee, we have been formulating a plan to allow a smooth transition from developer control to resident control. We have met with various consultants to utilize in the future including a CPA firm to handle the turnover audit and provide future services to the community. Additionally, we have been involved with changing our governing documents to allow for a smooth transfer of power from the developer. During the lead-up to the last budget, I met with Castle employees to determine the feasibility of the 2021 budget and made several recommendations for improvement. As Co-chair of the finance committee, I will be providing a summary report to be included in the Transition Committee’s recommendations to the new board upon turnover. As a board member, I anticipate working closely with Castle Management to bring about improvements to the financial information provided to IslandWalk residents and in overseeing how funds are spent and recorded.

I feel my experience in working with the financial aspects of Homeowners Associations would allow me to be a valued member of the Finance Committee.