My background includes degrees in chemical engineering and business administration. Through most of my working career I managed engineering, manufacturing and supply chain organizations at regional and global levels – for major chemical companies. My mission was often to lead these organizations through significant transformations in strategy, structure and operations. My Board experience has been varied. I was chair of a professional association in Philadelphia, on the board of the local Boys and Girls Club, and a member of the Environmental Advisory Council for our township. Taking all of this into account, I do feel I will have much to offer to the IslandWalk HOA Board.

My wife Mary and I moved to IslandWalk in 2015 and are now full-time residents. We have been much more than casually active here. I was a founding member of the Pickleball Activities Group (PAG) and a driver for the Backpacks program. I am a street representative, a member of CERT and a player on the IW men’s tennis team. I organize the Sheepshead card games and enjoy getting together with the IW Packer Backers. Most recently, I have been a member of the Governance Team working with the IW Transition Committee. I could go on. Among a long list of positives, we were attracted to IslandWalk by the wonderful amenities and wealth of available social and recreational opportunities. We try to get involved much as possible.

I believe the primary role of this Board will be to help enable all IW residents to fully enjoy everything that our community has to offer. Most of us are at a happy time in our lives and feel like we have found our piece of paradise. But it is not enough for us just to live in IslandWalk. We want to be part of a community of friends who act in a safe manner, who respect each other, who appreciate the beauty of our grounds and abundance of wildlife, and who feel supported and encouraged to participate in activities that capture our interest. I have seen boards and committees fail when they focused too much on policies and rules, when they got caught up in power and politics, and when they lacked common sense in the decisions they made. If elected, I will do my best to make sure we avoid these pitfalls.

Over the past several months I have gained a lot of insight into the challenges that our new resident board will face. The workload will be demanding and the issues that need to be addressed are complex. The members of the Transition Committee are doing excellent work providing guidance and road maps for the new board to follow. We are indebted to everyone involved in this transition effort for the time and energy they have expended on our behalf.

I believe I am up to the task of helping to lead our community through this transition.